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Established in 2012 our 8 week courses were designed out of the need of large groups of people to receive personal trainer like coaching and motivation. It is rare are that you get to work with one coach for 8 weeks, 3 and 5 times per week in any physical activity. This is something we know and pride ourselves on.This is adult education for physical fitness, wellness and nutrition.


The Training

The training itself is designed to take you through many areas of physical development. These come from a mixture of sporting exercises, bodyweight and strength exercises.The beginner is catered for. Training is 3 times a week and the option of 5 times a week is available for some time slots. At the moment we have two 8 week courses. The descriptions are below.


The ABS Course. ABS meaning ALL Because of Strength is more of a Journey into physical development than just a training program. The ABS Course is our most well rounded course when it comes to things like

  • Flexibility & Mobility
  • Fitness
  • Martial Arts
  • Strength
  • Bodyweight
  • Muscle gain
  • Nutrition and lifestyle coaching
  • Fat Loss

These courses usually run back to back but twice in the year there is a week break inbetween the courses. Check the courses schedule to find out when the next course is starting. Below is what is possible from our training from the physical appearance side of things. Training in’t always about the physical appearance but many of our clients really enjoy working on that side of things through coaching, training and nutrition.


This course is for first times or for people who have spent a long time way from exercise and are looking to return at a slow pace. Quite like the abs course this course is designed around education. We understand people are scared, embarrased, and anxious about the gym environement sometimes. We’re here to say, “Once you learn more About exercise, you will undersand there is nothing to fear.

Here’s what some people had to say

Course Schedule 2018 Online Booking

Please note that all courses are available to book, places in our courses may only be held by way of a security deposit only. Below are the courses available to book for  2018 . Please read course times carefully.

Next Available 2018 COURSES

Scroll down for starting Dates.


Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30pm –  And any Circuit Class



Training is on Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30pm. (allow 15 mins for people to arrive and do any warm up or stretching) With Strength Camp you can pick one circuit class each week at your own leisure using our app. So you get 12 class credits as well. Strength Camp is 24 strength sessions and 12 circuit or conditioning sessions.

Book Strength Camp Here 

What will you learn ? Have a look below at a FREE Squat workshop

ABS 5:15am Morning Course

April 30th – June 22nd 

Training is Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 05:15am – 06:10am





April 30th – June 22nd 


Training is Monday / Wednesday / Friday at 06:15am – 07:10am


Late Morning Course – Monday/Wed/Fri  7:15am  –

April 30th – June 22nd 


Training is Monday / Wednesday / Friday at 07:15am – 08:10am



Tuesday Evening Course – Tues 7:30pm – 8:25pm


May 1st – June 21st

CoursTraining is Tues / Thurs at 7:30pm





Personal Training

Here is our most popular packages for personal training and classes.

Personal Training is Personal and so is everything that goes with it, including cost, payment options and your own busy schedule. It is impossible to map out every possible cost because every plan is different,  so the following charts are based on popular options.

Starter Pack

    • 1 Personal Training Session
    • 2 Classes
    • 4 Weeks of Training
    • Excluding Courses
    • 10% off Nutritional Plan
    • Measurements Inc Bodyfat

4 Day Plan

    • 2 Personal Training Sessions
    • 4 Weeks of Training
    • 2 Classes Per week 
    • Excluding Courses
    • 10% off Nutritional Plan
    • Measurements Inc Bodyfat

1 and 1

    • 1 Personal Training Session
    • 1 Class
    • 4 Weeks of Training
    • Excluding Courses
    • Basic Food Plan
    • 10% off Nutritional Consultation
    • Measurements Inc Bodyfat

Wedding Packages

Since 2012, we have helped many Brides and Groom’s get in shape for their Big Day. There’s nothing better seeing two people pushing themselves to get in the shape of the Life for their wedding.

Caroline pictured her was one of those Brides! She trained for 16 weeks

Caroline never intended to keep it up, she just said to herself,” I’ll go the gym before the wedding to help shape up because I want to look well on the wedding Day” 4 years later pictured below, she is still a regular here at the gym and we’ve helped her through her pregnancy of her first Born as well. This is common for lots of our clients. Most clients plan on doing (x) weeks but end up staying years.





For your wedding packages we recommended doing a consultation first with our coaches for a fee of 60 Euro and sit and plan your training afterwards. We have many packages and plans to suit every budget.

Consultation and Training Session

This is a consultation about YOUR lifestyle management. YOUR goals and a chance to see what our training is about before you commit to any package or deal. Should be you be pleased with the session this can be the first of your package sessions preventing any further cost on your behalf. Here we will look at your movement through our movement screen this is a very personable approach to programming and preparing you for your training.

Trainer Tip – We’re here to help, be as specific as you can! We’ve heard it and seen it all before, don’t be shy. This is personal training and this is all about looking after number 1. Hopefully we’ll see you soon!

Please note that a consultation costs €60. This will be a session with you and a coach for 60-90mins including training.

This is the time you may wish to train at, once our trainer has that time slot available , it will be confirmed for you. A training session and consultation will not not take place unless it has been confirmed.

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What our Clients say

  • 8 Weeks Abs course is without a doubt the best training and nutrition program I’ve every undertaken. The team at FIT Studios really know what they are doing.

    — Nigel Dunne —
  • Thought the course was excellent. It was tough and classes were intense. The trainers are all excellent, would highly recommend this course to anyone trying to loose weight and increase fitness levels

    — Gerry Byrne —
  • I loved the course! The team at FIT Studios were fantastic and mixed it up so you were constantly pushing yourself to work harder. The variety makes the training a lot more enjoyable too and the weeks flew by. It’s fantastic to feel yourself getting stronger week by week.

    — Jackie Conway —
  • When I began my 8 WEEKS ABS Training Course the first thing that changed was the food, it’s not dieting it’s just just healthy eating. Which is the difference needed,….plus the trainers made sure it is mixing it up every class so you’re kept interested. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to lose weight or up their fitness.

    — Robbie O'Dowd —
  • I’m a healthier and happier person since starting the 8 WEEKS ABS Training Course. I have changed my lifestyle completely with the FIT Studios Teams guidance, and I’m never looking back.

    — Caroline Lynch —
  • Fun workouts, great instructors & amazing results

    — Sarah Moorhead —

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