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Courses are our most popular form of training when it comes to the transformation effect of training however, many of our members simply enjoy training in these high standard of training courses. Courses are structured and suited the ability of each group, they are  both a  relaxed and intense environment of training and learning.There is a short video here below of an example of one particular course, and yes it was ‘Movember’ at the time.When it comes to courses, we aim to give average people the power to get a beyond average result, after all RESULTS MATTER.


We have a 2 courses to choose from, Strength Camp and the ABS Course. Both our courses are designed to bring down body fat and increase body composition using a variety of exercises that you may be surprised about. Strength Camp is all about lifting heavy weights and getting stronger while ABS is a very versatile course. These courses aren’t just burpees till you puke….I don’t know who would pay for that. All courses are training 3 times per week for 8 weeks.The ABS course will have a bit of everything, strength training, core training, cardio, TRX, weights, circuit training and many other variations and forms of equipment. TRX training would be a very specialized area in FIT Studios as would the group training platform.

When it comes to changing your body or becoming more efficient at staying focused or healthier, simplicity and clarity are going to play a huge part of your planning and goal setting.


There are fantastic things you learn about your character when you introduce strength training. You learn that you can push through the resistance in life and earn your passage to a stronger body.

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The problem with a lot of peoples results from strength training is, they simply stop pushing when it gets tough. They think to themselves, this is too hard instead of learning how recruit new skills of strength and that strength in itself, IS a skill worth learning. There is simply no other way of doing it other than doing it.





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The skills you learn at FIT Studios you’ll keep, you’ll quickly understand why something moves a certain way and why it doesn’t….. If you apply yourself……. if you want to be annihilated in the gym,we can do that too, but that’s not the point of courses.







How to book a Course at FIT Studios?

We have a very simple way of booking courses here at Fit Studios. You can book your courses with us using our FREE FIT STUDIOS APP  or paying in the gym. Below is the instructions for tour app.




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