Exercise is a young persons game

Let’s get down to brass taxes here….

I know many adults are terrified of the gym environment, and I understand with all the responsibilities of life that energy can be low, the daily routine is exhausting. I’ve heard the pitch before…

Now we have the obvious out of the way we need to discuss what are we going to do with you. I mean what are we going to do with the

  • Bad feet
  • Bad eating habits
  • Bad sleeping habits
  • Bad exercise habits
  • Poor lifestyle
  • Low mood and energy levels

Can we rewind the clock 10 or 20 Year’s? Will that make it easier? Or would you do all the same things again with more time?

What type of person are you?

  • An optimist
  • A pessimist
  • A ‘Realist’

In our experience people label themselves with one of the above in relation to starting exercise.They say things like :

“I’m not fooling myself I know I’m past it” – The pessimist

They say things like :

“Sure once I’m up and running I’ll be flying with a new routine” – The optimist

They say things like :

“Yeah I think I just needed a kick up the a**” – The realist

The Cold Hard Truth

The cold hard truth is none of us are getting out alive. Our bodies are in a state of aging. Exercise with cardio and resistance training forces our bodies to grow new tissues to support the new demands. It’s called THE SAID PRINCIPLE and it’s  translated into

Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands and what that means my fellow adult is that your body through millions of years of evolution gets stronger by the demands placed on it.

I’m sorry but you are not an exception to the rule unless you have a rare medical condition.

When we age the best phrase to think of in relation to age is


If you want to look after your physical and mental quality of life do what 100’s of thousands of people do daily. They exercise despite their age.

Elaine started in her 40’s

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 19.33.35

The energy phenomenon

One level of resistance we come

up against here in the gym is the following phrase

”I just don’t have the energy”

Of course you don’t. You don’t exercise. You’ve programmed your body to sit on a couch for 4-5 hours after work.Combine no activity with lots of food and you get fat. Even combine reduced activity with your normal food and you get fat.

Here’s the kicker though, imagine this. Visually picture me handing you 15k in cash with no strings attached, close your eyes and visualize it.

Now that you have done that, answer this question honestly

“How is your energy now?”

Is your mood lifted? Is there stress taken away?

Exercise is everyone’s game, but it’s the fight in your head that holds you back and that’s me assuming you have no limiting rare medial condition.

You do have the time, in fact you’ve had the past 5-10 years and still, you are saying the same thing.

My Dad started again at 58, after open heart surgery. Many of my clients started at 40, I’ve women in their 50’s doing pull ups. The choice is yours. It’s how you think about it that is holding you back.

Below is Jordan, he started training in his 40’s



Maybe I’ll see you in the gym, maybe you’ll keep getting every cheap fitness offer on the internet and never actually going to the gym. The choice is yours and the fight is all in your mind.

Speak soon



Posted on February 11, 2018 in Latest News/The Rant Room

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