Nutrition: Men and The Gains

Guys, I’ve been there.


I’ve been 19 years old in a wife beater knocking out curls and buying every supplement on the market to increase muscle,  but when I went home I was eating biscuits, sandwiches, crisps and calories or protein, carbs and fats didn’t matter yet.


I was 19, enough said, all I wanted to do was look better. Even though I was eating stir fry’s and cooking for myself I still wasn’t getting it right. I was chasing tail and drinking at every chance I could… again I was 19, maybe you can relate. The reason I’ve said Men and not women is that women don’t understand what it’s like to be a man. It’s that simple.


I can’t speak for all Men, but those I’ve met want to stay in shape, feel good, look good and they need help to reorganize their direction because let’s face it. In Ireland’s pub culture it’s hard to get the support you need from your friends when you speak about the gym. At least it was for me. You are told to “relax and enjoy yourself” which If you are Irish, that means…… go get drunk. Which brings me to my topic. Nutrition. Feeding yourself. Nourishment for your body and mind.

Listen up

I need to get you in the kitchen. Period. If there’s a woman in your life or other man for that matter it will help impress the other half. If there isn’t, that’s cool too. You will still build the best habit of all which is being accountable for what you eat. This habit needs to be formed.


It starts with simplicity. You are a dude, we get stressed and we say “ah f*** this” we storm out and grab a burger….. typical man.


Not today. Today we cook and we take responsibility for ourselves. I made a meal today that was cheap, and pretty much stress free. For me the stress is cleaning rhup kitchen first before I cook. I can’t cook in a dirty kitchen. I picked that up from my father.

This meal is a very balanced meal in terms of macronutrients and it’s very tasty.

Meal with meat

Steak, brown rice, avocado, mushrooms, carrot, broccoli, quinoa, pepper sauce.


I’m listing the ingredients because this isn’t a named dish. This is a meal with meat, and that’s how you need to think. Simplicity and basic ingredients.


Step 1 : Buy a good pan, this is a Tefal Pan, you don’t have to use any oil or if you like a very small amount. Cost anything from €15-€60 most supermarkets will have them. I bought this in Supervalue.  Seriously don’t use a rubbish pan. You will end up cleaning it a lot, it’s a pain in the arse.

Get a WOK, again these are cheap as chips these days. I actually boil/steam my veg in a wok a lot because it cooks very fast, as the wok heats up fast.


Here is some baby carrots. I bought these to save time peeling large carrots. Add some broccoli too, I like the tender stem broccoli the  most but sometimes it’s over priced. LIDL and ALDI do tenderstem too. I normally shop in supervalue as it’s handy on my way home.

Let the steak breathe.

It was passed down on to me from my father, who advised me to let the steak come to room temperature before cooking. Or leave it sit for 5 minutes to 10 minutes at least after removing it from the packet. This is becquse if your steak hits a hot pan when it’s cold the meat contracts and is hard to guage cooking time.Let it sit 5-10 mins.

Don’t scald the meat. There is a few ways to cook steak. I used to have the pan very hot and cook for 2-3 minutes each side then put the meat in the oven for 5 minutes. I now only do this with very thick cuts.  It worked fine, but I found it very Smokey and sometimes I forgot to put the oven on. Instead now I cook it on low to medium heat for 2 mins each side and keep turning the meat. I turn it about 3 times. It depends on the thickness and how you want it cooked. I like mine just above medium rare,but not medium. It helps if you buy preseasoned meat but again no harm in doing it yourself. Salt and pepper isn’t very hard to apply to anything. These were Rump steaks with peppered edges from M&S. I bought them because it came with a pepper sauce and because of where I was the other day. Normally I prefer a butchers. Again, handy option. Total serving size on this meal is 1.5 steaks. (I like steak) I keep the other half for my daughter for a snack.


Avocado is high in calories and in a meal like this we have fat coming from the volume of meat and the type of cut, so I use 1/4 of an avocado.

I’m cooking with a table spoon of rapeseed oil and when I add the mushrooms I add a table spoon of butter to enhance flavor. This is another source of fats which reinforces the avocado portion size.

Here’s the quinoa below and the rice I’m using. I was going to use Pesto (about a tablespoon) for taste with the veggies. But I forgot. The serving size I used of rice for this meal was 4 heaped tablespoonfuls and 3 heaped tablespoons of quinoa which is under the steak. I used this portion size because I’m keeping the rest for later.


Something that stuck with me as a child was to always present your food well. I still do it to this day. It helps me enjoy the meal better. My father taught me that. Once the steak is done let it sit for another 2 minutes before carving. If you wish to carve. I then used only 2 tablespoons of the M&S pepper sauce because it was a serving for 2 people. So you will need to practice self control.

This is a lunch sized portion. It’s very tasty and great as part of a training regime to provide nourishment. Under 500 calories.



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