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What we see from day 1

Before you give yourself a hard time realize that we know you are

  1. Nervous/excited
  2. Body conscious/embarrassed
  3. Worried about your level of fitness
  4. 50/50 on whether or not you’ll even come back after the first session
  5. Sometimes even feeling nausea at the thought of working with a personal trainer
  6. Experiencing an over whelming feeling of vulnerability


We truly have seen it all before, we see all the signs, we see the nerves when you are filling out a health screening form, we know that on that first session your heart rate is much higher than usual due to the fact that this is all new.






Yes that first session, you are going through a whole new group of words like



  • Mobility
  • Flexibility
  • Alignment
  • Posture


You start to realize that sitting down for a large part of your life is taking its toll and suddenly this already is starting to get physically and mentally hard as your ego says “I should be able to do this” . The problem with the ego is we all have that pride. We all have that voice that says,”Despite not exercising in 10 years I should be able to do this”



There is both truth to that statement and also the reality factor. The reality factor is simple. We need to practice movement and strength in order to keep those attributes, we cannot take it for granted and there lies the biggest eye opener about exercise. It’s not until you feel movements that you have taken for granted disappear that the penny drops.




From here we see two things happen:

  1. You say, “Okay eye opener I need to keep this up to sort this”
  2. You look for an easy way out or decide this isn’t worth it.


You’re 20 minutes into your session and you are thinking two things also



  1. This is great, I need this
  2. This sucks, this is too much effort


The Strength Exercises


Next we start doing some exercise like

  • Squats
  • Push ups
  • Light weights
  • Deadlifts
  • Planks


The following starts to happen after the squats and push ups.



  1. The nervousness either magnifies the training effects and your legs are now rattling and weak and you are shaking.
  2. The system is all go and you feel it but you love this feeling.
  3. Despite never training push ups, the ego demands that you should be able to do 1.
  4. Reality hits, you don’t practice push ups so don’t expect to be able to do them.
  5. The ego fights back but is killed off by pessimism. You think to yourself “Oh my god I’m so weak” . No your not. This is just new. Tell yourself a different story.


Quite the contrast to your expectations so far but we see it all the time.

On to the deadlifts and you feel either

  1. Strong as an ox and proud
  2. Complete over whelm at the sudden realization that this is going to take longer than you thought, despite this taking you already 6 months to even enter the gym.



Perceived Expectations

Then there’s the Instagram Account that pops into your head. You remember seeing images of “Personal Training Services” and thought to yourself “The people in the photos make it look easy”



Not knowing, they all started out the same as you and they all experience tough training sessions. Living life by perceived expectations and by comparison isn’t wise for you. Best to have no expectations and keep an open mind.



Exercise is about how it feels, not how it looks.



So after a rough 30 minutes of strength training and going through your own mental battle with whether or not you’ll bother coming back, we are now on to some stretching. Yes, the dreaded stretching that feels good afterwards but feels like someone is tearing your soul apart and self confidence at the same time during it.



Sound familiar?

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Dont worry, this isn’t torture this is realignment of your tissues and to help bring your nervous system back down after a very exhausting hour of personal development. The resistance you feel is actually your body being in a protective mode due to the fact that this is again new to you. That will pass.


You see at the start the mind is spending more energy than usual because you are in a hypersensitive state to all the below



  1. Comparing yourself to your coach.
  2. Regretting not starting earlier.
  3. You are happy, proud, embarrassed and nervous the whole time, which is draining.
  4. Deep down you want to work on yourself esteem like anyone else.
  5. You give yourself a hard time over your nutritional habits straight away and then think of eating nothing but salads.


These thoughts and feelings are directly attached to an overall adrenaline energy dump.



Breathe and Relax

We’ll see you next week. You are human, this is normal. Try to think a little less and move more. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

If you change nothing, nothing will change. If you change something, a lot could change.



Posted on February 15, 2018 in Latest News/The Rant Room

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