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Starting Off

As a general and quality assurance rule we encourage all first timers to follow the basic guidelines, and rest assured these are practical applications to make sure you get the best service.

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  1. If you are currently exercising and know your limits, with no injuries and consider yourself reasonably fit we don’t see any reason why you can’t join in on any class.
  2. If you feel a bit rusty and generally unsure about joining classes or what type of plan or training pack you should go for, we encourage a full consultation one on one with a coach. This will look at the following

Mobility Issues and awareness.

Do you have any mobility issues that need ironing out? Can you touch your toes? do you have full range of motion in your joints? DO you          understand the safety points and benefits or regaining as much mobility as possible. Where you active as a child etc.Do you have you experience with squatting? Are you familiar with abdominal bracing or the hollow position, have you ever used weights or kettlebells or TRX ? Do you know common terms we teach like “Squeezing muscles?” etc.




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General fitness assessment and goals.

It could be your goal to get fitter for running or maybe you want to get stronger, what ever your goals are we’ll make sure you pick out the right variety of classes or personal training to best suit that.












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We like to refer to this as dusting off the cobwebs and taking maybe a couple of personal training sessions before you join classes. This is very individual with the goal being, reducing your risk of injury and always putting you in the optimal position to achieve your goals.









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Relaxing environment with a professional.

We understand starting out can be embarrassing, stressful and well,….just plain difficult , so working 1 on 1 for 60 – 90 mins with a coach can really break the ice as you join our gym. We’d like to get to know you.










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Although the nutritional consultations are separate we’ll be able to get a good idea of where your knowledge is on nutrition in realization to your goals. After this we’ll be able to give you the best course of action, including referring you to team member Kate Ainscough our Nutritionist or trying one of our tailored nutrition plans.








No bull approach to your goals.

– In our assessment the methods we use have been well researched in the fitness industry to ensure you are not wasting your time.Example : If you come from a background of low activity with tightness and restricted movement, this is an area we’ll tackle. Along side programs like the Functional Movement Screen we will work with you on what you want but also what you need. Sometimes they look similar but in reality they can be very different.










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