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Okay so first and foremost I salute you and any of your efforts in the gym. This post is just some information to help you get better.
Problem 1
Traditional cardio like running, cycling and the exercise bike primarily trains…….YOUR LEGS. Your torso needs just the same amount of cardio if you are looking for a big calorie burn from your workout and chances are that is exactly what you want.
Solution 1
A combination of skipping and boxing.
Boxers and fighters have some of the best conditioned bodies on the planet while have the matching levels of actual fitness. They don’t just look well. So here’s what I want you to do try…just try it
Round 1 Skipping for 60 seconds, any mistakes you make by hitting the rope or nearly falling you must do 2 burpees at the end of the skipping time. Then after skipping I want you to box for 60 seconds. You don’t have to be a professional fighter you can shadow box or use a punch bag and just let your hands fly. Use a simple combination, you’ll do Jab, Cross, Jab or Left, Right, Left….over and over again.
Complete this 5 – 10 times, taking rest as you need it but only for 60 seconds no longer when you do take it.
You’ll know what I mean after you do it.
Boxer skipping

Boxer skipping

The old schoolers new it well. The old schools new what average people can use to be effective and that is
Solution 2) Jumping Jacks & Plank Jacks
Simply doing 30 jumping jacks and 15 plank jacks for 10 minutes will leave you wondering why you wanted to ever make it complicated in the first place. Any rest you take must only be 60 seconds.
Here we get upper and lower body but also and thing called Peripheral heart action training. It works
like magic.

Solution 3) Split up the routine
Since I rarely meet people who can do 30 minutes cardio like this my advice is to use 15 minutes at the start of your session so you can be fresh and give it 100%. Remember we’re looking to increase calories being burned. For that to happen speed is the king here. I’m not talking about a slow controlled eccentric and concentric contraction specific to bodybuilding. I’m talking about you the average person looking for results in a practical way. 15 mins in the morning, 15 mins in the evening is a very good protocol.
Solution 4) Vegetables
Okay so before you say you know veggies are good just know this. Your body burns more calories through the digestion of veggies. That means that you are burning more calories in total. That is what we want.
If you consume 100 fat calories, only 3 calories will be spent digesting the fat. Fibrous vegetables and fruit have a thermic effect of about 20 percent, while proteins have a thermic effect of about 30 percent. If you eat 300 protein calories, you’ll burn off 90 calories digesting the protein
Here’s a quick example:
The more processed the food the more of the digestion part is already done for your body. Your body doesn’t need to work hard to break it down… We’ll say Ice Cream.
The more natural the food the harder it is to break down, we’ll say a stir fry. Now a stir fry and some ice cream maybe years apart but think about how many times you eat veggies and you simply multiply the effect. Digestion can take up to about 10% of your total calorie burn.
The means guys if you need 2,500 calories a day, by simply switching your efforts to healthier foods your body will spend 5 – 10% of them calories digesting. That means you’re in a calorie deficit of 250 calories a day at least or 1,500 a week…… or nearly a pound of fat in 3 weeks. All from just digesting food.
Now if you add in an actually deficit with a coach and a decent training plan. That number can easily rise up to 3,500 calories a week which is a pound of fat BUT it all comes down to what you can sustain. So the trick is not to get greedy with fat loss, just smart.
I hope this helps..

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