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When Virgil Started the 8 WEEKS ABS Program that was back in March 2013, making terrific gains every 8 weeks right up until just last week the 22nd of August 2014, in that time frame Virgil has completed transformed his physique.  For us us transformations like this and many others we have in the gym is one the reasons we started. Finally a gym where just after a year you look completely different. Below is his latest picture and his 24 week transformation.

Latest Result :  First Picture, March 2013 , Second Picture August 2014.

Virgil Hammond

As you can see this was a progressive training plan , it took dedication but every 8 weeks there was massive achievements made. Virgil continues to train with us and is concrete proof that our training platform, can and will change your physique for long term changes.

virgil transformed

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