Your Results Matter. Period.


Does this sound like you ?

“I joined the gym for health, fitness but most of all…..RESULTS.”

Chances are, it does. Chances also are you fell off the wagon before and never stuck to a plan. Don’t worry, all is not lost, but you will need to smack yourself across the face, stick out your chest and fall in line and here’s why…


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It’s no secret now, that you know that you really need to watch what you eat. For the start let’s discuss calories later.

Let’s just try this for two weeks, or should I say YOU. Can you please try this for 2 weeks. I say 2 weeks because it doesn’t seem like an eternity.


  1. Track your food.

Yes there is many ways to do this including My Fitness Pal.

But for the beginning just take a pen, paper and start to write down what you eat on a daily basis, including every last treat and pinch of salt. Just try be very meticulous here. The point is the self learning and observation of what you actually eat like. After this you’ll then sit down and look at the patterns or even if there is any patterns. Put down what time you go to bed at and what time you wake.

Pattern example

For example : When you get to work, what do you eat ? When you wake up what do you eat ?

When you are going to and from work, what do you eat ?

The objective here is to learn about your behavior and habits. Some people slip into habits due to their lifestyle and sleeping pattern. If you went bed very late, you could expect to be tired the following day, furthermore you could probably expect to be playing catch up with energy levels, thus making poor nutritional choices.We see this a lot. Don’t worry because you are only doing what you feel is logical. You feel tired so you think with logic. You think coffee or sugar (usually).

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 11.13.36Maybe you’re a bit different. Just know that having no breakfast and a sugary meal in between your morning, plays havoc with your sugar levels and energy. This again can keep the roller-coaster diet going all day, and that’s NOT GOOD.



     2. You don’t move well or not enough

It’s very clear that we need to move to help us lose extra fat. Knowing that 1 LB of FAT is worth 3,500 calories of energy and that is all that fat is. Fat is unused or potential energy.

So If you have 10lbs of Fat to lose, you need a deficit of 35,000 calories. Strategically. This is the bottom line. But there is many, many outcomes that can stop Fat Loss.

A logical person thinks, that If they really under eat, their body will burn all it’s fat for energy and when they return to eating normal they will be skinny. Well it really can’t work like that. You see your body is very resilient. If you starve it, it will try survive and fat can often be a mixture of things to be used as energy. Not the primary source. There is also many people who our Insulin Resistant and have great amounts of Metabolic Damage due to many reasons and a lot of them dietary and lifestyle orientated, this complicates things further.

Some problems with Insulin Resistance are :


  • Brain fogginess and inability to focus.
  • High blood sugar.
  • Intestinal bloating – most intestinal gas is produced from carbohydrates in the diet, mostly those that humans cannot digest and absorb.
  • Sleepiness, especially after meals
  • Weight gain, fat storage, difficulty losing weight – for most people, excess weight is from high fat storage; the fat in IR is generally stored in and around abdominal organs in both males and females; it is currently suspected that hormones produced in that fat are a precipitating cause of insulin resistance
  • Increased blood triglyceride levels.
  • Increased blood pressure; many people with hypertension are either diabetic or pre-diabetic and have elevated insulin levels due to insulin resistance; one of insulin’s effects is to control arterial wall tension throughout the body.

To lose Fat we need to create the correct environment in the body, getting healthy first is the most logical and well researched option, bare in mind people suffer with IBS, digestive problems and many more problems too. Fat Loss can be a big riddle.


Back to the calories and that deficit of 3,500 calories for 1 LB of easily earned fat. If we consider an average tough workout can be from 500- 800 calories and this can really depend on the individuals ability’s, muscle mass and age. Let’s take the lower end, lets take 500 calories.


500 calories isn’t a mere DENT from 3,500 let alone 35,000.

Also it is worth that if you are not exercising in a gym, and if you walk very little, you may be only spending as little as 200 calories from exercise int he form of walking. It makes a lifestyle of sitting, driving, sitting, and more sitting not even worth thinking about if you cannot control your caloric intake.


So how do we tackle this ? In our Tailored Nutrition Plans

We tell you how it is and here’s a sample : If you need an average of 2,300 calories everyday to go about your business, feel good and exercise 3 times per week we need to cut some calories off this number for body composition results. What people get confused about is, they think you need to cut a massive amount of food, plus most of us are impatient and we know it. When really it’s just the quality and the amount of the calories. Quite often though the good calories food volume is more and here’s what I mean.

1,040 calories in a tub of Ben & Jerrys, which doesn’t equate to a large volume of food, really.










Calories in a Steak Dinner pictured here  666 Calories. Steak Dinner

487112472_XSMost people would think that the dinner with the meat would be far more calorific. And as you you may know, you would find it hard to consume another steak dinner if you just ate one. Now if you ate a steak dinner, you could probably always go for the ice cream..


The real food will keep you fuller for longer and save you calories, against the Ice Cream , we saved 374 calories.

That’s a plus and that’s realistic.


Let’s look at this approach over a week.

Current calorie requirements are 2,300 and we’ve decided that we’ll go with a 300 calorie deficit each day and see how we feel,as how we feel and cope is important. Over 7 days that’s a deficit of 2,100 calories, now we’ll add in our 3 training sessions of 500 calories each and we’re not at a deficit of 3,600 calories = just over a pound of fat, you can always plan cheat meals and things like this too, don’t worry this isn’t the army. This is to be practical. We want this to help you.


What happens when you’re eating like this, and you see inch loss but not weight loss on the scales?

FIT ANSWER : Burn the scales. Unless you are an athlete where you need to make weight, it’s irrelevant. If you want to do an experiment, go drink 2 – 3 litres of  water and then weigh yourself.


You’ll be 2 – 3 kilo heavier.


Now knowing that you’re 2 – 3 kilo heavier, let’s look at more logic. Let’s take the higher end.

3 Kilos = 6.6 pounds in weight.We know that 1 lb of fat is 3,500 calories. SO……


If you are up 3 kilos in weight (which most people think is fat) did you really consume 23,100 calories?

Did you eat 23 Tubs of Ben and Jerrys? I don’t think so…….

You see, fat,urine, water, fluids, muscle glycogen, water in the muscle cell, can all me measurement by weight. These will usually go up and down each day anyway.



Something for you to think about today…












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